About Sprocka

Sprocka is a multi-talented musician who sings, plays the guitar, keyboard, saxophone and trumpet. He is able to perform various styles, including calypso, reggae, bossa nova, merengue, bolero,soft rock, folk, blues, jazz, zouk, and soca.
As well as playing almost every request one can imagine, he also has a fabulous repertoire of his own compositions, as represented on his recordings.

Sprocka grew up on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

Sprocka, whose real name is Corinne Richardson, was given his nickname by his brother Lunsford when Sprocka was quite a small child. At the time he looked like a sprat, a little fish with little kid’s teeth! Over time, this nickname was misprounced as “Sprocka”.
Sprocka began playing guitar at the age of 7. His first professional gig was at age 13 in a local band called “Jesse and the Fantastics.”
“Jesse” (Collins Hodge of Rey Hill), the leader of the band, was also a leader in the Anguillian revolution. The band included Bankie Banx, Kingsley, Singerman (Milton Gumbs, now a fisherman), Dennis Harrigan, and Roylston Hodge (aka Pulfero, now in Florida), Franklyn Hodge (Jesse’s brother) and Sammy from the Farrington (now deceased). Sprocka’s brother Bevis Richardson played lead guitar. Sprocka’s oldest brother, Lunsford, was also a member of the band. He made room in the band for Sprocka. went to become a pilot and died tragically in 1976.

Sprocka left Anguilla for the US Virgin Islands and Florida, but he missed his Anguilla so much that he decided to come back.

Sprocka has played throughout the Caribbean with several popular bands and also as a solo artist, which is what he mainly enjoys these days.

To date he has recorded a cassette titled “Do You Want A Song” and has also recorded three CD’s: “Secrets of The Wind”, in 1995, “Somewhere in Time ” in 1999 and “Free Your Mind” in 2008. You can find “Free Your Mind” on Itunes.